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For Many Seniors, Less Space, Fewer Belongings Make For A Happier Lifestyle

by Leslie Maher

Austin American-Statesman

January 4, 2014

Professional organizer and senior move manager, Barry Izsak says sentimental attachments to kitchen appliances, furniture, books and knick knacks can create a real struggle for clients when it comes time to downsize. Helping seniors move – a trend he calls the silver tsunami – makes up more than half of his move management business.

“Hopefully by this age, we’ve learned that life is not about stuff. It’s the memories that matter and they’re in our head and nobody can take them away,” Izsak said. “I had a client tell me once, and I’ve said it a million times since then, that your house is not your home. You take your home with you wherever you go.”

Izsak said it typically takes three days to cull and pack a home. “This is a niche I love. I enjoy working with seniors or anyone preparing to make this momentous move,” Izsak said. “I love hearing their stories and learning about their lives. I find my clients to be the greatest teachers.”

Downsizing advice from Barry Izsak, Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist:

  • Measure the new living space before moving in

  • Make a floor plan

  • Determine in advance where things will go

  • -dentify obstacles, such as air ducts, light switches, electric outlets, etc. that may dictate how things will need to be arranged

  • Measure items, such as furniture, that will go to the new space

  • Get rid of clutter and things you no longer need or use: Ask yourself is it useful and do I love it? If not, let it go!



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